From Internet Pioneer to Online Innovator

Linda Whimple


Curiosity ignited a passion, and that passion fueled a thriving business. 

Many years ago, I was a working mother with a young family.  I worked as a medical transcriptionist 30 to 35 hours a week because we needed extra income.

One day I realized I had a significant problem.  The money I made did not justify the time I was sacrificing away from my family.  I knew I had to find another solution.  Thus began my search for a meaningful business that allowed me to be at home with my family.  

In the evenings, I browsed through online newsletters hoping to find the answer.  A new technology intrigued me--email that used video.  I was interested about the possibilities; I purchased a computer camera within a month.  Within a week, I learned how to create videos and send video emails to my parents. 

The following summer I saw an ad describing how to create an online city directory.  What a great idea!  This is so needed, and I can do this!  Two months later, I had a city directory launched.

Building my business wasn't like the Field of Dreams movie; I built it, and no one came.  I wasn't going to be a success unless I did marketing.  So I placed flyers on the windshields of cars in parking lots and on bulletin boards in laundromats and grocery stores in my small town.  Yet all of this effort netted me zero results.  

My head knew what my heart dreaded.  I had to meet business owners face to face.  I prepared myself with a binder of printed material I could use for presentations. 

When I arrived at the first business, I was terrified to open the door and walk in.  I overcame that fear with A LOT of determined self-talk.  I walked in and had a great visit with the business owner.  After that, it was easier to visit the following business and the one after that.

Within a few months, I had thirty subscribers in the Directory.  My confidence grew, and so did my desire to find more creative ways to serve my clients.  Each time I turned on the computer, my mind was flooded with the infinite possibilities of using this technology. 

One day while working on the Directory, I thought, "I wonder if I can get a video email to work on the directory page."  This was not a copy-and-paste code like we have now.  It took me a couple of weeks to figure out the code, but the day the video email played on the directory page, I jumped out of my chair and danced around the living room while telling my kids, "Oh my gosh!  We don't have to tell people HOW to promote their products and services using video email...We're going to DO videos for them to promote their businesses!" 

I went back to my clients and told them we could now do a video on the Internet and showed them my demo.  My clients became so excited about having their video done for them!  We were eventually able to promote the directory and our clients on TV and radio.  We became known as the directory to belong to because we produced results for our clients.  This innovation became a significant key to unlocking the growth of our video directory business.  I realized this was the first of many innovations to come, adding more and more value to our clients' directory pages.

The biggest challenge to entrepreneurial businesses is keeping up with all the various facets of a successful business.  We help you overcome that challenge by:


*  Taking the misery and mystery out of social media marketing

*  Removing the pain of perpetual posting

*  Making marketing hands free

*  Creating Mobile-First websites

*  Teaching how to monetize live videos

*  Producing marketing videos for you


Twenty years ago, I naively thought my business would be easy, but after overcoming one obstacle after another, I've learned that it truly is a journey of service, personal development, and daily learning.  Running a business can be challenging; I had epic disruptions on my journey to success, including having my car stolen when I was attending a networking event.  Everything I had relating to my business was in that car!  I have learned from that lesson and many more.


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