Are You Struggling To Create Awareness About Your Business?

Be a part of our marketing campaign on Twitter and get more seen by new people EVERY day!



Demo Twitter Post:

RaNae's Custom Creations

RaNae's Custom Creations

Specializes in Men's Wear, #Bridal, Custom Fits & Alterations

#utah #clothing


Linda's Notes:

I have had quite a few requests about this Twitter campaign, so I've listed some of the features about our marketing launch:

*  We provide daily online exposure to your business without the hassle and with a bit of a twist (we're not "normal").
*  I have collaborated with a man (Michael) who does social media for big businesses, but he also loves to help the small business owner.
*  The process:  Michael and his team will look at your business listing in the Directory, research the best #hashtags, write one post for Twitter, we get your approval, and he will set up your post to run on OUR Twitter feed every day for a year.
*  Michael is responsible to increase the followers to our Twitter feed.  He did a test campaign for me a while ago.  At the time we started, I had one Twitter follower (me).  At the end of 30 days, I had over 13,000 followers and they were real people sharing my clients' posts to their respective audiences.
*  Your post is seen by new people every day, and they can click on the link which goes to your listing within the Directory.
*  Once on your Directory listing, your potential customer/client can learn more about you by reading the article about you or watching the video and then contacting you by phone or email.
*  Michael told me that 35,000 followers is the "Sweet Spot" and it takes about 3 months to get that many followers.
*  This is our Twitter link:
*  It is an exciting and effective campaign that is meant to reach your target audience, and I can't wait to launch it again!
~ Linda