Video Content Overview

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Video Content

Types of Video

Video is the single, most effective medium for online marketing--period.  In a December 2020 Wyzowl survey, when asked, "How do you MOST prefer to learn about a product or service?" 66% of the respondents answered "Short Video."  Only 18% answered, "Text Content."

Video does not need to cost an arm and a leg.  There are several ways to add video to your directory listing--and to your overall marketing efforts:

  • Do it yourself (it's never been easier--if you have the time!)
  • We can find a professional videographer in your area.
  • You can work with our amazing partner to produce great video at an affordable cost.


Not All Videos Are the Same!

There are many different types of videos, from simple promos and explainers to more complicated, and even interactive videos for different stages in your customer's journey.



Video Can Be Cost-Effective

By combining your smartphone or webcam with remote capture technology, we can provide effective video content for your Video City Directories' listing, your website, and your social media feeds--at a cost you can afford.


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