Get Off The YouTube Slide

Ensure your customers always see you on page one.

When it comes to YouTube, content creators all run into the same challenge. No matter what you do or how hard you try, you CANNOT get your content to stay on the first page of results.

Sure. It stays there for a few days, but then it starts to "slide" down the rankings until you slip off the first page and become irrelevant to the search.

You try to avoid the slide; new hashtags, SEO management, promotion...none of it keeps you on page one. And no matter what you do, the "Slide effect" is inevitable.

Getting off the slide and sticking on page one will do wonders for your content.

It is seen more and more often by your audience, which creates more engagement and leads.

It generates "stickiness" not just at the top, but with your audience. They come back for more.

You spend less time trying to reach the top, and that effort is redirected into your business.

Watch the video to the right for an explanation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...

However, uploading content to YouTube involves more than just taking SEO into account.

Your content will never remain on the first page if you rely solely on the YouTube search mechanism. That's what causes the "Slide effect."

To stay at the top, you need to go much deeper. We have what others don't...a proprietary Directory that leverages the YouTube platform and weaves your content into the algorithm, keeping you on page one, for good.


Your Content

Start by creating your content and produce it through your normal channels.

If it's your first time creating content, that's okay. You do not need your own YouTube channel. You just need your content.


Into the Algorithm

THIS is the "It factor" that makes your content stick.

Gain entry to our proprietary lead generation Directory that posts your content through our channel, with your content positioned consistently on page one when people search for your category.


To YouTube

Now watch as your content appears on page one.

The Directory will make it stick there for as long as you like. And your content is always in your control.

Your content will rank consistently on the first page of YouTube and stick like glue every day.

Stick To The TOP

Weave yourself into the fabric of the first page.

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